10 Tips For Cycling In The Miami Heat

10 Tips For Cycling In The Miami Heat

It’s hard to beat the heat, especially when it’s paired with high humidity. Here are ten tips to keep you just a little cooler during your South Florida cycling trip:

Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen won’t help you beat the heat – but make sure to spray or rub in some sunscreen to avoid painful sunburns. Then, remember to reapply sunscreen, especially for those longer rides. 

Use protective wear

It is a great idea to wear protective wear such as sunglasses, caps, and USPF clothing. Using these types of gear won’t only make you cooler. These items will enhance your journey. Check out La Byci’s  Axis CapWoman’s Axis Pro Jersey, and Men’s Axis Pro Jersey (LS), all created with performance and innovation. Their Axis Pro Jerseys are made with Italian materials and provide breathability, SPF50+, and moisture-wicking qualities

Hydrate before, during, and after a ride

Unless you want to end up in a hospital with an IV next to you, hydration is a must! Make sure to hydrate before cycling to better prepare your body. Of course, you’ll also be parched during and after your trip. Make sure to listen to your body. Check out these artistically innovative water bottles; Axis BottleEVOLVE Water Bottle, and the Maurten Bottle.

Look at the weather ahead of time

It’s not very hard to gauge the weather in Miami—warm and humid are very often on the board. However, you can look at the weather to see which times are best for a ride. Look for times that fit your schedule and that aren’t ridiculously hot.

Plan your ride

It’s great to be spontaneous! However, it may not be the best idea to decide to go biking when it’s storming suddenly or it hits over 100. Think ahead and don’t only look at the weather but also think ahead about your route. Will it be a mile since it’s going to be over 100? Will you have to use another way due to construction?

Plan your breaks

If you are going to be doing 10 miles when you are only used to doing 8 miles, then chances are you are more likely to overheat before finishing. Listen to your body and take a break when you need it. Be productive with your break and rehydrate or snack on something salty. Then, work up to the 10 miles. 

Know your surroundings

The heat can make people more irritable and less polite. Be aware of your surroundings. Pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to result in injury in case of a collision– whether it’s with a vehicle, a person, or another bike. 

Don’t strain your body

It’s not uncommon to pack extra gear, in case of a flat tire or injury, or other items in general. Carrying the extra items on you will only add strain and heat to your body. Make sure to pack any unnecessary weight on your bike, NOT on your person.

Find a partner

This won’t protect you from the heat, but it may make the experience more enjoyable. Instead of focusing on the heat and humidity, you get to enjoy another person’s companionship on top of the beautiful scenery.

The attitude

The most important tip to beat the heat is your attitude. If you are having a great day, determined to increase your distance, or perhaps even just excited to go on your first-ever ride then chances are the heat may not bother you that much (if you’ve followed the other 9 tips). However, if you’ve had a bad day and you are generally upset or unhappy, more than likely the heat will only worsen it. So, make sure to discard all negative attitudes before getting on that bike. 

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