7 Must-Have Bike Accessories

7 Must-Have Bike Accessories

Cycling is a fantastic way to stay fit and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Keeping safe and comfortable when cycling is essential.

Maybe you’re a newbie cyclist who just bought your first set of wheels or an experienced cyclist who wants to expand your gear collection. 

Keeping up with the latest cycling gear can be a challenge, but these 7 must-have accessories never go out of style. 

Head Gear 

Statistics collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that helmets reduce cyclists’ risk of head injury by 50%.

There are many types of cycling helmets for different types of terrain. When choosing a helmet, make sure that it fits and that the chin strap is snug enough that it doesn’t come loose during your ride.

The unique caps worn under the helmet serve a purpose. The brim keeps the sun and sweat out of your eyes while also giving you a clear view of the path in front of you. 

Water Bottle 

Hydration is important for any physical activity, including cycling. Frequent hydration replenishes your body’s water reserve lost due to sweating. 

Most cyclists carry water bottles on their bikes for easy access. The latest trend in cycling is taking hydration a step further with energy gel to replenish electrolytes and give a boost of carbohydrates. 

Bicycle Lights 

Cyclists can get away with riding without lights in most states, but it’s not advised. It’s best to be safe and have lights on your bike. 

Some lights can also double as indicators and will blink when you change gears. Make sure that you choose a light that’s bright enough to be seen by other motorists. While they can’t be used as your only light source, they can help increase your visibility on the road.

Cycling Shoes  

Cycling requires special shoes for safety and comfort. Your everyday athletic shoes aren’t right for cycling, especially if you’re in a race. The soles of regular sneakers aren’t effective for transferring energy to the pedals. 

The preferred cycling shoes are ones that clip onto the pedals, but some find those uncomfortable. Differing cycling activities require special cycling shoes. For example, you wouldn’t wear the same shoes to a spin class that you would on a mountain bike. 

Reflective Gear

As well as having lights on your bike, it’s also important to have reflective gear. This includes your helmet, clothes, and shoes. It’s best to choose high-quality gear that is both lightweight and durable. 

Even if you plan a short ride, reflective gear is necessary. The weather can change quickly, making it difficult for others on the road or trail to see you. 

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are designed to fit your body shape and are made from a stretchy material, which makes them ideal for cycling. They’re also equipped with a pad for added comfort and protection for your crotch when you ride. 

The fabrics are designed to be breathable and will help to prevent chafing when riding for long distances. Cycling shorts are a must-have item when riding your bike. They’re lightweight and easy to move around in. 

Saddle Pack 

You may want to consider investing in a saddle pack to protect your belongings from the elements. Make sure you get the right size to fit your water bottle and other equipment for the ride.

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