La Byci X MAAP: Alt_road to Unbound Gravel Ride

La Byci X MAAP: Alt_road to Unbound Gravel Ride

Gravel riding enthusiasts, we have some fantastic news for you! La Byci and MAAP have teamed up to offer an unforgettable and thrilling gravel cycling experience. The gravel bike industry is experiencing phenomenal growth, with sales skyrocketing over 109% from 2019 to 2021.

The La Byci X MAAP: Alt_road to Unbound Gravel Ride on May 27, 2023, promises to captivate riders' spirits with its unique charm, exceptional tracks, and an undoubtedly passionate community. Read on to find out more about this extraordinary journey.

The Collaboration:

La Byci, known for organizing fabulous cycling events and tours, has joined forces with MAAP, a leading performance cycling apparel brand committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. This partnership marries the best of both worlds – the incredible expertise in curating challenging and picturesque rides from La Byci with the impeccable style and performance offered by MAAP.

The Journey:

La Byci X MAAP: Alt_road is a pre-ride to prepare for the Unbound Gravel Ride and offers two distinctive routes for riders of varying experience levels. The first choice consists of a 100-mile course, which promises a true test of stamina for those who dare undertake it. Alternatively, participants can opt for the more manageable 60-mile circuit, which still offers its own share of thrills and challenges for those passionate about gravel riding.

Regardless of the chosen route, riders are guaranteed an authentic off-road experience as they traverse the undulated gravel paths of the Everglades Levee heading North from Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida. As competitors immerse themselves in their surroundings, they'll discover that La Byci X MAAP: Alt_road is more than just a race – it's an opportunity to connect with nature and fellow riders on an epic journey.

Registration Details for Participants:

The "Alt_road to Unbound Gravel Ride" awaits those who dare to explore unknown territories and push their limits. Participants can purchase mobile tickets at this website. The registration packet will be ready to pick up at the La Byci shop (114 NW 25th St Miami FL 33127) on Friday, May 26, between 11 am and 7 pm. Alternatively, you can stop by at 5:30 am on race day. The race starts at 6 am on May 27 at Markham Park. 

This collaborative effort by La Byci and MAAP signifies a step towards fostering a robust community of gravel riders who share a collective passion for unearthing the most spectacular cycling routes. Don't miss out on this thrilling experience; sign up now and be part of an unforgettable adventure!