Science in Sport: Hydration Gel Packs and Snacks

Science in Sport: Hydration Gel Packs and Snacks

Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of any physical activity, especially in sports.

How can you make sure you are properly hydrated throughout your activity? 

The answer is simple: gel packs and snacks. Read on, and we’ll explain how.

The science behind staying hydrated
Hydration is the process of your body maintaining proper levels of water to function properly. Two-thirds of your body is made up of water, so staying hydrated is important for healthy functioning. 

Sweat itself is only about two percent water, while the rest is made up of electrolytes like sodium, chloride, and potassium. When you sweat, you lose these electrolytes along with water, which can lead to dehydration. 
Benefits of using gel packs and snacks 

Gel packs and snacks can be used to hydrate you during physical activity. They contain essential electrolytes lost through sweat. What are some of the benefits of hydration gel packs and snacks?

  • Preventing cramps and muscle pains.
  • Boosting energy levels.
  • Promoting better mental health. 
  • Preventing heat illness.

Types of hydration gel packs 

Gel packs are small, pre-formed packs that contain a liquid inside. These can be frozen before use, and you can then apply them to your body to help you stay hydrated. 
Gels can be used to hydrate your whole body or applied at specific points, like on your wrists or knees, where you are more likely to experience cramping during cycling. 
If you prefer to use nutritional gels over gel packs, you can also use them to hydrate yourself. These can be either chewy or jelly-like in texture, and they can come in many different flavors. 
Some even come in liquid form. You can use them to hydrate during a ride by either eating them or squirting them into your mouth.
These items are easy to carry with you and are great for any physical activity, including cycling.

Final thoughts

Staying hydrated is important for your health and performance. If you wait until you feel thirsty, you are likely already dehydrated. Stay hydrated before, during, and after cycling.

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