Gran Fondo Cycling Challenge

Gran Fondo Cycling Challenge

The Gran Fondo Miami is a cycling challenge that offers participants the opportunity to ride through the scenic routes of Miami and its surrounding areas. It typically features different distance options, allowing riders to choose a route that suits their fitness level and goals.


Like other Gran Fondos, the event aims to provide a mix of competition and recreational riding.


We will providing a calendar of the next Gran Fondos


The event often includes well-marked courses, mechanical and medical support, rest stops with refreshments, and a post-ride celebration. Riders can expect a festive atmosphere and the chance to connect with other cycling enthusiasts in the Miami cycling community.


To obtain the most accurate and current information about the Gran Fondo Miami, we recommend visiting the official event website.


Looking for cycling partners to train for the Gran Fondo? Get in touch with us here at La Byci—we're a community of cyclists ready to ride with weekly plans to elevate your fitness .