We Ride, Part II

We Ride, Part II

The humidity is lessening and it’s beginning to cool to a Miami kind of fall, meaning a comfortable temperature in the 70s and 80s—the perfect temperature for a cycling event!  

Fall is often described as the season of prosperity and abundance. What better way to kick off this season than to donate apparel and equipment to a worthwhile cause? Join La Byci in their second ever “We Ride.”

“We Ride” is more than a donation drive, but rather an opportunity to meet individuals with the same drive and passion as you—building community. Network while you spread abundance. This particular event will double as a chance to celebrate a special birthday with beers and mimosas, but don’t forget to bring your old kits to donate.    

La Byci was founded to provide a fashionable and artistic alternative for bicyclist seeking performance. More than a brand, La Byci strives to build community through the simple, genuine practice of giving. Make this Fall a season for cycling in fashion while giving back to your community. 

Become part of a movement where creativity meets performance; join a community built on passion. Learn more about La Byci.